Every moment in nature is happening for ones, there is no repetition, it is dynamic. Understanding this dynamism is science. We at Nidus believe that science in incomplete until it is communicated. One of the biggest hurdles is – how to communicate? To break this historical barrier we provide this platform to the budding naturalists to explore their potentials in science communication. These are not just articles but stories experienced during the journeys of our members, readers and our team depicting interesting natural history observations and findings. 

Understanding Snakes

Snakes give us goosebumps. But why and how? A few get them through fear and few with excitement.     During the lockdown online talk

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Introduction to Caecilians

Have you ever heard about caecilians? Do you know the animal in the image below? Caecilians are limbless amphibians which are burrowing hence rarely seen.

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