Why shrikes have black bands on eyes?

What is the similarity here between this baseball player and Bay-backed Shrike?
Those black lines near eyes. But why do they wear it?
Every surface absorbs some light and reflects the rest. Our skin does that too. The black stipe wore by the player is supposedly absorb the light to see the ball in midair.
But why do this Shrike have it?
Was is to disguise their prey where the bird is looking? Or for some other reason?
To answer this question, scientists in Israel did a very interesting study. In this study they caught wild birds and painted these eye stripes in white and black to see the difference. And based on their observations they proved that these masks around shrikes eyes reduce glare and thus enhance their vision in broad sunlight as well.
This is beneficial for these birds because they are mostly seen in arid or open landscapes and hunt during the day. 
How cool is that!!!


By Varad Giri

Director, Nidus