Education Events

Today it is vital to understand the ecological and economical importance of biodiversity as resulting actions are responsible for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Today biodiversity is at stake due to human-induced activities resulting in major current environmental crises. And thus, proper awareness about biodiversity among the communities and their active involvement is essential. 

Our modules are designed addressing the need to sensitise people, precisely young minds, towards the sustainability of our own rich environment for our survival. We wish to build leadership in them, that will push the changes needed to acquire sustainable economic development.

Through this concept, it is clarified that all fields related to the establishment of a sustainable society are the target of our activities. These activities will be in the form of general or dedicated awareness programs, educational trips, field outings, short and long-term workshops and nature trails. All the activities will be carried out by using easy and non-scientific language and various interactive tools.  

With our interactive sessions, you and your team are sure to have some serious fun while getting a world-class education.

Fee: ₹ INR. 1000/-


1 May, 2021
30 May, 2021
Biodiversity has a strong influence on our lives and we need to inculcate interest among our children about the importance of various denizens of nature at the right age. This is our specially designed online and activity-based workshop for kids of age 6 to 14. This is one of our efforts to popularise biodiversity among kids. In this workshop, we are providing interesting activity material every weekend. Participants have to complete all these tasks assigned to them in that week. Additionaly there will be series of other interactive activities as well. On successful completion of this course, a duly signed certificate will be provided.