Bhigwan – Bird’s Paradise

If you are looking around for a good destination to watch or photograph birds near Pune in Maharashtra, you must visit Bhigwan wetland. It is migratory bird’s and birder’s paradise. 

From Pune: By road about 105 km from Pune. One Pune – Solapur highway. 

Accommodation: Best home stay options are available. I usually stay at Agnipankh Flamingo Point (Sandeep – 9960610615).

Birding: Boat ride which is organised at Agnipankh Flamingo Point.
If you are interested a night trail in the nearby place is equally rewarding. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see observe sleeping Indian Chameleon or a West Indian Leopard Gecko. 

Best time: December to March is great for migratory birds, else it is always good, if you wish to explore the nature. Plan an overnight visit, which covers three boat rides and one night trail. Early morning and evening boat rides are always rewarding. If you have a special request to watch a particular species of bird here, request the guide, he will assist and guide you accordingly.   



The flock of Open-billed Stork (Anastomus oscitans)

Glossy Ibis at sunset

The Big Boys – Gang of Greater Flamingo

Bar-headed Goose in flight

Some unidentified waders

Northern Shoveler Male 

A Gull, just landed

Painting by Painted Stork

Co-existence – Painted Stork with a fish

Waiting for the tourists

Tourists enjoying boat ride

A surreal morning